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Hong Kong, are you tired?

"Where has the charm of Hong Kong gone...? Or is it still there and I don't see it anymore?"

Those are the two questions I have in mind whenever I travelled away from Hong Kong. Yes, it's partly because I want to keep exploring and discovering; yet, on the other hand, I got little bit fed up with the living in Hong Kong.

A friend of mine in San Francisco asked me why, especially since Hong Kong is my hometown and I have been living there since I was born. So what's wrong? My answer was, "nothing wrong, only because I have been travelling and I started comparing, plus I thought I could choose between Hong Kong and other places, where I'm gonna be."

Occasionally, I see the moon in Hong Kong. Different from what I have seen in other places, the moon is surrounded by skyscrapers with lights on all through the dark moments. How much electricity are we consuming in Hong Kong everyday? Really necessary?

True that for some tourists, that's charming - it's a feature of so-called metropolitan. In reality, if metropolitan also means people who live there do not have the sense of energy-saving, I think that means we are going too far against the Nature.

I still remember the stars I've seen elsewhere, the fresh and clean air I've breathed in somewhere, the sunshine I enjoyed next to riverside, the fine sand on the beach with the birds flying around for food at sunset... sometimes I doubt if Hong Kong is feeling tired. Is she feeling sick?

Or, I am sick?

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