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Language Barrier or not?

Here I am in Rabat, Morocco. I had no idea what brought me here, but here I am. Thinking how to utilize my time and not just being a tourist here, I decided to take a class. Thanks to an institution called MCAS and Director Ali who replied speedily after my email sent from Casablanca the day before, I managed to attend an Arabic calligraphy class (my second one after Istanbul, Turkey).

Bit different from Istanbul one, my calligrapher teacher speaks no English and obviously no Chinese. I don't speak Arabic, nor French. Basically we didn't really speak to each other. The only 'language' we used was body language, supplemented with calligrapher's sign.

Is there really such a thing called 'language barrier'?

I think if you speak the language, life could get easier in many ways. However, not speaking the language, it doesn't mean there is no way to communicate or exchange ideas. It is not language itself the barrier, but the virtual wall we build in our mind that became the barrier.

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