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Running with the disabled (Angkor Wat Half Marathon)

In Cambodia, you may meet the (more than usual) disabled people around. If you were to run the Angkor Wat Marathon, you would be 'running' together with the disabled on wheelchairs. It took me over 3 hours to finish the half marathon, and I couldn't imagine how long it would take the disabled on wheelchairs to finish the 'run'.

On the way, I was touched by the courage of the disabled on wheelchairs for their participation. On the other hand, I was also moved by the runners who support the disabled on the way.

Don't you think if we could support each other in the local community and the global community - everyone would be living happier?

"Your donation should certainly be delivered to Angkor Children Hospital, Cambodian Trust ( Prosthetic limbs support) , Cambodian Red Cross, CDAF ( Sports for disabled people ), Handicap International, and some local NGOs for orphan supports…"

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