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Meet Jennifer Luk: The Global Citizen

Born and raised in Hong Kong.  Jennifer has been so fond of travelling since childhood years, starting from her first trip by flight away to Thailand.  Her next destination was Japan, then the United States, and extended to Europe by the time she finished her high school years.  Coupled with the travelling, she somehow got to move houses in Hong Kong for over 10 times in just a few years - bringing her non-stop packing living, and the wonder about what HOME meant.  


HOME means anywhere, everywhere.  


At university, she got the chance to study abroad as exchange student in California, USA. What an Californian dreaming trip indeed - she travelled almost every weekend in California.  On the last day of exam, she was ready on the go again - to Paris!  Crazy enough, after Paris, back to US - she was travelling again in New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington D.C.  By the time she got back to Hong Kong, she felt like United States "checked" on her travel map!  Where's next then?  


It says "live the life you want" or "love the life you live" - the former being more difficult, where the later seems easier, especially if you are tied to the paycheck at work. However, Jennifer simply could not stay with her regular (or 'repetitive'?) working life. Hence, she chose the more difficult path - "live the life she wants". All she wants is travel away from Hong Kong as much as she can!


Determined she is, she started travelling around the globe - to the States again, backpacking in Europe & travelling by train from the west to eastern bloc, visiting wine regions in Argentina & Chile, going to Turkey & Morocco for Arabic Calligraphy classes.  

By now, she felt she has turned from a traveller to a global citizen who would stay at one place for days so as to experience the living as if she is a citizen of the place.  


This site is meant to record her views on being a global citizen.

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